Dive deeper into the wilderness of your psyche. Open yourself to new revelations of its mysteries and treasures.

  • Dreamwork

    Attend to the dream images, characters, and energies through which hidden aspects of the psyche emerge from the shadows to show themselves. Relate to them as guides to discovery.

  • Deep Imagination

    Journey into deep imagination to access the wisdom and healing energies of the bodymind, as expressed through the poetic language of images.

  • Dream Walks

    Wander in nature with a specific question or intention. Wander as if in a dreamscape, where mysteries of life or your own soul may be revealed in surprising ways.

  • Stories

    Stories such as myths, fairy tales, films, and books can reveal and symbolize aspects of our psyches. Explore the themes evoked by stories to better understand the current frontiers of your psyche.

  • Creative Process

    Allow the deep self to speak unfettered and reveal something new about itself through the process of creative expression with images, words, music, or movement.