Explore in-depth the innate characteristics, patterns, and images through which fundamental aspects of your psyche are expressed.

  • Personal Mandala

    Identify the core parts of yourself, the innate characteristics which are evident in your natural capacities, tendencies, and instinctive ways of engaging with the world. Observe these inner characters’ abilities, habits, and ways of interacting with each other.

  • Archetypes

    Explore the images, symbols, and patterns through which dimensions of the human psyche are expressed in you. Open up your access to the powers and energies of these potentials.

  • Pattern Work

    Map the patterns forged by parts of self from innate potentials and life experiences. Understanding what makes you tick enables you to mobilize inner resources, shift counterproductive habits of being, and live with deeper purpose.

  • Visual Maps

    Use visual representations to illustrate various parts of self or archetypes and summarize their characteristics. Working visually helps you observe complex interactions and patterns.