• Guiding/Coaching

    This work can be done with individuals, families, or small groups.  Sessions are tailored to your particular interests or needs at the moment.  The work can include any aspect of self-mapping, discovery processes, or embodiment.  For example, you could:

    • work on your personal mandala
    • work in-depth on an aspect of the archetypes
    • explore the way certain parts of self or patterns play out in your life
    • do voice dialogue with different parts of self
    • work with a dream
    • go on a deep imagery journey
    • set up a nature walk and explore the story afterward
    • explore emergent themes and images to guide next steps
    • create visual maps of self
    • work with images from the psyche through art, collage, journaling, creative writing, poetry, music, or movement
    • make specific plans for starting a new project or making a new practice part of your life, and mobilizing your inner resources for success

    The focus can be general self-exploration or a particular thematic focus you have chosen, such as setting a new direction for your life, supporting health or healing, enhancing creativity, learning from nature, understanding your unique spiritual path.  You can also work on a particular life question or problem by consulting different parts of self or working with other discovery and embodiment processes to develop specific solutions.

  • Families and Small Groups

    Families and small groups with some shared purpose can work on particular themes or issues relevant to the group.  For example, we can explore how different aspects of each person interact with different aspects of other people in the system.  We can explore the various needs, feelings, agendas, alliances, and conflicts at play.  Then we can use this understanding to shift interaction patterns towards greater health and effectiveness for the whole system in a way that addresses each member’s various needs.

    Groups of individuals can also meet together for the purpose of personal development. When a group of people committed to the process of growth come together, magic can happen. A strong container can enable each person to dive deeper into their own process as well as learn from others’ experiences.  From time to time workshops or a series of group sessions are offered.  Call to find out more about scheduled workshops or to schedule one for your group.

  • Intensives

    Intensives can be scheduled for individuals, families, or small groups.  Intensives offer the chance for a deep dive to more thoroughly explore the images and themes which emerge and to integrate strategies.  This can allow for greater possibility to make a breakthrough, generate momentum and synergy, trigger a quantum leap.  There is flexibility in scheduling the length of intensives, depending on what you want to do. Intensives can range from a half-day to several days.   Intensives are typically followed by a series of coaching sessions to help you integrate into your life what emerges during the intensive.