Health and Healing

Mobilize inner and outer forces to nourish the health of your whole self and to activate healing processes.

  • Holistic Synergy

    Attend to the needs of mind, body, heart, spirit, and soul. Make an action plan that will nurture healing and growth processes in these realms, amplifying the power of these forces by integrating them.

  • Support Structures

    A strong support system is vital for health. Assemble a web of allies who can provide practical support, emotional support, and expertise to address your specific needs. Create routines and other external structures to make sure your needs are addressed.

  • Meaning and Growth

    Traumatic events, losses, or illnesses can fragment or freeze us, but can also spur new growth. Move from fragmentation to integration, from disorientation to re-orientation, from grief to meaning, from surviving to thriving.